Human Resources Innovative Results, LLC can help ANY company grow employee commitment and engagement while improving revenue streams.  

                Human Resources Innovative Results was “born” out of a desire to “innovate” while providing clients with “tangible” financial results.

                We think outside the box and beyond the circle!  We can and have customized needs and provided differentiated services to our clients.  This competitive advantage will become evident almost instantly.

                We provide creative/”realistic” ideas to help you find solutions so you can focus on growing your business.  Our time sensitive outcomes can be implemented using any budget.

                The team is comprised of Human Resource professionals who are uniquely business minded people.  They have not only been recognized for expertise in the field of Human Resources, they have appeared as guest speakers at regional conferences, forums and news segments.

                In addition, they have previously consulted with or created successful organizations or businesses themselves……They know what is takes to get things done!

                Here is a “sample” of services we can offer:

·         Differentiation: What makes your organization appealing to clients, stakeholders and employees

·         Training and Development: Design, development and execution of customized solutions unique to your organization

·         Organizational and individual Leadership Development: Identification of needs, assessment and proposals for implementation

·         Total Rewards: Offering unique options that address your population needs while maintaining costs

·         Talent Acquisition and Retention: Propose new methods and models to attract, retain and engage a productive workforce

·         Career Development: understanding what is important to the employee population in order to achieve mutual business goals/targets.

……… additional Human Resource services can be designed/delivered to meet the business objectives of any size organization--- however, we specialize in start-up to mid size corporations --- we can help.

Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of your Human Resources related business needs…. 

Proactive solutions are winning initiatives!


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