“Karen built the infrastructure, developed programs, systems and staffing from the ground up. “Her ability to successful manage competing needs, priorities and personalities across multiple disciplines in rapidly changing environments is a testament to her professional agility.  As an agent of change, she was able to guide the organization through its transformation.”

Karen G. - Director of Benefits-Specialty Pharmaceuticals


“In addition to the wealth of experience and knowledge Karen brings to any situation, her innovative spirit, passion and enthusiasm is refreshing.”

Wafa A.- Corporate Quality- Medical Devices 


“One of the most professional and forward-thinking leaders I have ever worked for.  Additionally, she built one of the highest functioning HR teams I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with……Calm, confident leader that was going to get us through whatever came our way.”

Paul A.- Director (Research) Specialty Pharmaceuticals


“Karen’s sharing best practices while using a “take-the-best and leave-the-rest” approach quickly became a new and very effective way of optimizing all the basic HR products….standard by which I measure my own organizations performance.”

Stefan N.- Senior Director HR – (Nordic Division Pharma)


“Karen tirelessly brought her experience to the table ensuring we would benefit.  I definitely valued her feedback and ideas a lot.”

Catherine G.-  HR Leader (Europe Division Pharma)


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